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Small groups

We have various Small Groups for all ages. who meet build relationships, study God's Word, pray and share life together. It is easy to attend church, be part of a large crowd but never really get involved, make friends and develop spiritually.  Small Groups fulfill these important elements of church life.  If you want to be in a place that gives God the opportunity to let you grow and bless you through His people, and also for you to serve and bless others, then a Small Group is vital.


​Our vision for small groups consists of

  • To be worshipping God dependently in every aspect of our lives. 

  • That through studying God's word, we'll faithfully seek Him.

  • To develop the heart, head, hands and habits of a devoted disciple. 

  • Identifying individual weaknesses, accepting total forgiveness through the grace of Jesus Christ and uniting together to reach renewed faith by prayer.

Each group meets in various locations and at various times. So, there will definitely be a group that’s just right for you!  For more information or to get involved feel free to email:

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