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Primary School
The life and ministry of Jesus

Lesson 17:

Jesus raises the widow’s son

Lesson 1 - Jesus in the temple at age 12
Lesson 2 - Jesus' Baptism
Lesson 3 - Jesus' Temptation
Lesson 4 - Jesus calls his disciples
Lesson 5 - Jesus turns water to wine in Cana
Lesson 6 - Jesus travels to Jerusalem and cleanses the temple
for the first time
Lesson 7 - Jesus visits with Nicodemus
Lesson 8 - Jesus travels through Samaria and encounters the woman at the well
Lesson 9 - Jesus heals the son of an official

Lesson 10:

Jesus heals a lame man at the pool

Lesson 13: 

The miraculous catch of fish

Lesson 11:

Jesus preaches the Sermon on the Mount

Lesson 14: 

Jesus heals a leper

Lesson 12  

Jesus heals Peter's mother-in-law

Lesson 15: 

Jesus healed a Centurion's Servant

Lesson 16: 

Jesus heals the paralysed man

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