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Community Events

Together, we nurture a space where everyone feels valued, accepted, and empowered to live out their faith in practical ways, enriching each other's lives and glorifying God through our actions. We create a vibrant community where love reigns supreme, hospitality is extended without hesitation, and every member joyfully serves one another with their unique gifts. Inspired by 1 Peter 4:8-10, we strive to embody the transformative power of love, the warmth of genuine hospitality, and the humble service that reflects God's grace in our lives. 


Small Groups

Weekly Bible study groups strengthening our relationship with God and people through the Word, Prayer and caring for one another.

Kings Men

A group of men with the desire to learn to know God more, challenging one another to be better husbands, fathers and sons.  We want to grow in our faith and we want our families to grow to the full potential they have in Christ. We study the Bible and have fun as men.  We meet for breakfast or events every last Saturday of the month. 

For more information or to get involved feel free to contact Peet Grobbelaar by email.

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Flourish Women

Our aim as Flourish women is to build a community of women devoted to Christ and create a sense of belonging through nurturing, encouraging and equipping one another to faithfully use our God-given gifts and talents to glorify God in all we do.


Join our family!  Together we can grow and build a life of purpose, making a bigger difference!


For more information or to get involved feel free to contact Riekie Grobbelaar at 0420 460 991.


Reflecting on God's Grace for the year 2023.

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