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Coronavirus - (COVID 19)

Due to the government's restriction on the number of people that may gather, it is no longer possible for Deo Gloria Rockingham to use the hall at Secret Harbour Community Centre for our Worship Services. Until further notice there will be no Worship Services there, but our Worship Services and all activities will continue as usual. All Worship Services will henceforth take place online at 9am. As of Sunday, March 22, 2020, there will also be a Worship Service in English.


This is now a great opportunity for you to encourage your other friends around the world to join our services and congregation. 


Care Groups will still meet, but if there are people who can't be part of the group, make them part of your group via Skype or Google Meet, Teams, or Zoom. It works very well. Invite other people around the world to join your group.


The church is open. In the days and weeks and months to come, we're really going to be tested and we're going to see how we will grow closer to God. God is going to use this to expand His Kingdom. If you have any needs, please contact us. Pray for the leaders, pray for the people of our congregation, pray that we will not get sick and come out stronger. Pray for the people and families who are affected by this tragedy. Pray for healing and mercy and peace.




We are forming part of Deo Gloria Family of Churches, that ministers from Rockingham, Leeming and Singleton. As our family grows with God's grace, we hope to reach as many members of the community as we can. If you want to be part of our family please contact us on the details below or come join us on Sunday at Deo Gloria Community Church Rockingham.

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