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Welcome to Glory Kids!

Glory Kids, we believe every child is on an incredible journey with God. Our mission is to make that journey exciting, meaningful, and full of joy!

We provide a safe and welcoming environment where kids can discover the love of Jesus, learn about the Bible in fun and engaging ways, and build lifelong friendships.

Here's what you can expect at Glory Kids:

Fun and Interactive Lessons: From dynamic storytelling to hands-on activities, our lessons are designed to capture children's imaginations and teach them about God's love in a way they can understand.

Loving and Dedicated Team: Our team of volunteers is passionate about children's ministry and dedicated to creating a nurturing space where kids feel valued and supported.

Worship and Prayer: We encourage kids to express their love for God through songs, prayers, and creative arts, helping them develop a vibrant and personal relationship with Him.

Glory Kids is not just a place for children; it's a journey of faith, discovery, and growth. We invite you to join us as we embark on this incredible adventure together!

For more information or to get involved, contact us at Let's make memories, learn about God, and have fun together!

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